A Quendi kategória második fordulójában a vizuális – ezúttal nem rajzolós, hanem összerakós-fotózós – feladatban (nosztalgiával emlékezve a gyerekkori játékokra) kézreeső ebből-abból kellett kirakni a négy olvasandó könyv szabadon választott jelentét. Bár direkt kértük, hogy önmagában is művészi értékű, jó minőségű fényképet küldjenek a versenyzők a végeredményről, arra nem számítottunk, hogy maguk az installációk is ennyire művésziek lesznek.


The visual creative task of the second round of the Quendi category:

Perhaps some of you were too old when first reading The Lord of the Rings to be familiar with the activity this task requires. (But I would be interested in the experiences of those who were not: no extra points for that, but stories are welcome.) What is this about?

Choose a scene from the four books you have to know and visualise it with objects not made for this purpose: toy animals, LEGO figures (if they are meant for another world, no LOTR/Hobbit LEGO is allowed), painted stones, tree leaves or carved sticks, anything you can find at home or around. You can put primitive wigs or costumes on them, give them weapons, use furniture to build the setting, etc. The point is to make the scene recognisable without any explanation. (Nevertheless, indicate which scene have you chosen.)

When you are ready, take one good photo of the scene. Points are given for creative solutions, choosing the right items for each character or finding an easy but effective way to make them recognisable, and for the quality of the photo itself as an artwork. You can ask children for advice, but do not let them do the work for you!


These two solutions are equally great (we could not choose the better one), although in a different way:


Eimeria: Conversation with Smaug



Mirach: Feanor burning the swan-ships