TLV Quendi Category: Final Scores!

The Tolkien Mailing Competition took place for the eighth time in this academic year. This year we also started an international "Quendi" category in English which was welcome and advertised by many Tolkien communities around the world. Applications in this category came from competitors aged 17 to 37 from 16 different countries. The final scores achieved in the five rounds of the competition can be found below.


Click here for the Hungarian article about the final scores of the Tolkien Mailing Competition.


Quendi category – final scores

 Place  Nickname Country  1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   Total   Final 
I. Mirach Slovakia 90 97 99 98 94 478 96%
II.  Giledhel Nárya  Spain 79 91 93 91 89 443 89%
III. Carduela Hungary 83 92 80 86 87 428 86%
4. Laiqualassë  Lithuania 
66 79 91 45 71 352 70%
5. Númellóte Croatia 63 64 88 42 50 307 61%
6. Laothirel Germany 62 67 75 28 25 257 51%


We congratulate you on your good scores and perseverance and hope to have you in next year’s competition again!


We got 35 applications from 16 different countries. 17 competitors sent their solutions for the first round from Croatia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain, Russia and Ukraine. Many of them had to give up the competition halfway, mostly due to lack of time. Nevertheless we want to thank and congratulate all of you for your witty answers, beautiful photos and magical artworks. Special mention is due to competitors who scored at least half the available points even though did not make it to the final round: Nerya (Greece), Melwyn (Hungary) and The Lonely Dunedain (Hungary).

We are also grateful to all tolkienites and Tolkien Societies all around the world that helped us reach so many people with this competition. We might have missed some but we saw the news of the upcoming competition spread by the Czech, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Iranian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian and Spanish Tolkien Societies and/or Pages, and also by The Tolkienist. We also got nice answers from Austria, Croatia and Finland about sharing the word, and everybody was heartwarmingly happy and enthusiastic about our invitation. We are looking forward to make our competition international again the next year, and ideas for new tasks are as welcome as new competitors.


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