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I have been updating various Ardalambion material.

Most importantly, I have finally updated the Quenya wordlists with words
appearing in recent VTs (though as I have pointed out earlier, I didn't
include deleted forms in the English-Quenya wordlist):


Thanks to Petri Tikka for some help and assistance in this (rather tedious)

As for the words from Parma Eldalamberon #14 (early "Qenya" grammar), I
only included a very few grammatically important words, such as terms for
"if", "more", "less", "that" (conjunction).

Furthermore, I added to the general Quenya article a paragraph about the
use of Quenya in the movies and a note about locatives in _-de_ (used in
the case of nouns ending in _-l_ and _-n_); I also corrected one reference
to "Glorfindel" that should actually read Gildor:


The article listing (though not always quoting in full) the available
samples of actual Quenya text now contains references to texts published in
recent years, including the book dedication to Elaine Griffiths that
surfaced only this winter (the vocabulary there employed is now also in the


At the end of the article discussing Sindarin verbs I added links to
Thorsten Renk's and Carl F. Hostetter's web-based articles on the same


As regards the verbs with past tenses in _-as_, I have not yet included any
discussion of them in my own article, because I await the publication of
Vinyar Tengwar #46 with the second half of the _Addenda and Corrigenda_ to
the Etymologies (Hostetter in his article quotes at least one example from
this unpublished material, and I would like to see the full context).

Anything more? Let's see...it was recently pointed out to me that Aeglos is
Gil-galad's spear and not his SWORD as my article about "AE or OE" used to
say (fixed now, though the nature of this weapon didn't make much
difference for the purposes of diachronic phonology!)

There are still a number of things that should be updated/emended in my
articles, but this is at least a beginning.

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