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Organisers of the Quendi category in 2018-2019

Beküldve - - - Tolkien Levelező Verseny
  • Betűméret: Nagyobb Kisebb
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So, this is us, the organisers of the Quendi category :)

b2ap3_thumbnail_Ada_20180926-183338_1.jpgHello everyone! My name is Miklós Levente Papp, alias Adanedhel. I'm a 26 years old architect. Currently I'm working at a company that builds district heating systems. I've been organizing the mailing competition since 2013. This is the first time I'm in the Quendi category, in the last few years I was leading the Noldor teams. In my free time I like juggling, diy, travelling.



b2ap3_thumbnail_Galendae.jpgHi! My name is Lívia Iván, alias Galendae. I'm a veterinarian working at a small animal clinic. I first participated in the mailing competition in 2007, in a secondary school team. As the individual categories appeared, I competed a few years in the English versions but I soon became an organiser of the Quendi category.




b2ap3_thumbnail_Helga.jpgHi! I’m Helga, 22 years old and a student. I majored in Chinese language and culture at university and currently I’m living among the Easterlings myself. I’ve been addicted to Tolkien for half my life, and now I’ve decided to try myself as a Quendi category organizer. I like listening to various kinds of music and eating various kinds of sweets.




Hello! My name is Eva Zahradníková, and I'm from Slovakia. I am a researcher and teacher of botany at an university (I study the ageing and longevity of trees), and also a historical fencer and writer. I fell in love with Tolkien's world before it was cool, and haven't stopped loving it ever since - my Tolkien collection is already expanded to the 3rd shelf. I also paint Middle-earth and write fanfiction, moderate the Teitho fanfiction & fanart contest and act as interviewer in Talks with Tolkien artists. All of that, together with having a little daughter, doesn't give me much time to participate in TLV anymore, but at least I can contribute with a few tasks for it, which I hope you will enjoy.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Ben.jpgI'm Dániel Kálmán, usually called Ben in the Hungarian and other Tolkien Societies. I am a historian and archivist by degree, currently working out of trade. I was an organizer in the first two seasons of the TLV, then after a long break I am an organizer of the Quendi category since 2013. When I don't make the lives of the Quendi participants harder by creating blank map tasks , I like to hike, take photographs, travel and listen to music. And to keep calm and read Tolkien.

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