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Happy Winter Days

Beküldve - - - Tolkien Levelező Verseny
  • Betűméret: Nagyobb Kisebb
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Ilúvatar said, “Behold the snow, and the cunning work of frost!”, in which the bitter cold of Morgoth ended up in something what is not only beautiful, but let us admit, a source of fun (of course only in case you are not fighting for your life in the Helcaraxë but have the warm fires of your own halls waiting for you once you had enough). “But of bliss and glad life there is little to be said”, so let’s make this into a picture instead! This time our Quendi competitors were asked to imagine a nice winter day from these days of bliss, and choose a dwellings of Elves, cover it with snow, and show some named characters from the well-known stories enjoying the funs of winter, snow, and ice (they did not have to be all Elves).

A második fordulóban a quendi versenyzőknek egy tünde lakhelyet kellett hóval borítva és a telet kiélvező ismert szereplőkkel benépesítve ábrázolnia. A beérkezett alkotások egyike egyből fel is került a friss Lassi Laurië címlapjára!



Finarfinian snowball fight in front of the gate of Nargothrond, temporarily suspended due to the visit of Master Squirrel. Left to right: Finduilas, Galadriel, young Gil-Galad, Finrod. (Celeborn is already inside, with a good mug of hot tea, after Gil-Galad’s snowball somehow managed to find its way inside the neck of his robes.)

18Quendi2 Alvelasse TaskVI res


Team Fírimar
Idea and carving made by Galenerca (Luca Bodor). Painting and photoshooting by Galendae and Galenerca.

All children enjoy the snow, including the elves. Although they build snow-elves and (since there is no mention of angels) maybe they make snow-eagles in the fresh snow. Our picture was taken in Doriath, F.A. 474. Beleg was tasked with looking after the youngsters, I don't think he really enjoys babysitting. Túrin is playing with the elven child, but the snowball missed... it hit Saeros who was sledding right there! This certainly didn't help their good relationship… (The figures were carved from wood and can also be used as children's toys.)

18Quendi2 Firimar TaskVI res


Team Heledir

A pencil drawing of Legolas and Gimli watching the waterfall in a snowy Imladris.

18Quendi2 Heledir TaskVI res


Mirach (Eva Zahradníková)

The destruction of Thangorodrim with Glorfindel, Estel and Elrond in Rivendell. (“He said that if I had the cheek to make verses about Eärendil in the house of Elrond, it was my affair.” …sounds like personal experience, right, Aragorn?)

18Quendi2 Mirach TaskVI res


Team OMA - Orc Magic Apprentices

18Quendi2 OMA TaskVI


Team Peruvian Society


18Quendi2 PeruvianSociety TaskVI


Team SWG Beleriand
Art by Maglor,

of Erestor, Glorfindel and Elrond playing in the snow in Imladris.

18Quendi2 SWG Beleriand TaskVI Imladris in Winter


Team SWG Numenor

The Siege of Himring: a snowball fight between Fingon and Maedhros.

18Quendi2 SWG Numenor TaskVI Siege of Himring res


VelikijSusl (Alexandra Chukharkina)

Hope you can guess who are those in my picture...

18Quendi1 VelikijSusl TaskVI img1 res


Team Zagar, Cû, agh Bark

Our drawing features Ecthelion teaching a young Earendil to ice skate on a frozen fountain in the white city of Gondolin.

18Quendi2 Zagar Cu agh Bark res


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