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Reklámok / Advertisements

Beküldve - - - Tolkien Levelező Verseny
  • Betűméret: Nagyobb Kisebb
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A logók mellé versenyzőinknek reklámot is kellett létrehozniuk. Íme a kedvenceink!

Apart from the logos, our competitors also had to create an advertisement. Here are our favourites!

Curuvane, Miruvor:

Miruvórë commercial. V3.17.7
Please check the following. – CN
Done so. What do you think? – AT
<An elf rides up to the gates of Imlardis in battered armour on a tired horse. He is dirty, has
bloodstains on him, and is wounded and visibly exhausted.>
Tired Elf: My Lord Elrond! I bring news for the Grey Havens!
<Elrond steps up to the Elf, with a worried look on his face>
Elrond: But you are clearly too tired to ride through all of Eriador, mellon!
<The tired Elf dismounts, almost falling down in a Mannish fashion, clearly due to his
extreme fatigue> A Mannish fashion? Isn’t that a bit… over the top? That is kind of the point. Fair
Tired Elf <now gasping>: But I must, my Lord!
<Elrond produces a wonderfully sculpted, crystal chalice from the folds of his robes, filled
with Miruvórë>
Elrond: Then drink this, mellon, and be on your way.
<The tired Elf drinks it, and all traces of injury and fatigue fall off him. Completely restored,
he remounts a fresh horse, and he rides away. Elrond waves him goodbye.> This seems a bit…
absurd? Yes. It is a commercial. Plus, most of our audience are Sindar. Fair point.
Elrond: Alámene, ar mára mesta, mellon!
<A She-Elf walks up, with a confused look on her face.>
She-Elf: By the Valar! My lord, what was that?
<She points at the chalice.>
<Elrond rises and smiles at the camera.>
So going with “over the top”, isn’t this a bit… restrained?
<The chalice is refilled be a servant.> better?
As you said yourself, they are Sindar, Curu.
You’re right. <Magically, the chalice refills.> Like this?
Elrond: By the Valar indeed! For it is Miruvórë, the nectar of Yavanna!
<The choir chimes in, and chants the slogan>
Choir: Quench your thirst like never before, and rejuvinate with Miruvórë!

<required disclaimer.> Must we? I fear so. Then grab some random Elf with an easily forgettable
Random Elf: A product of Imladris brewery, no drinking before the age of 100 löar.
Done. Happy?
Quite so. I’ll send it to HR.
Don’t forget to take out all the notes and comments.
I would never forget that. Don't worry.


Wasserwaldnymphe, Ugluk's Running Water:



dark landscape, full moon, many hills, in the background: mountains

a troop of Orcs is marching and groaning, they are visibly exhausted; only Orc 2 is running like he has just begun; he takes a sip from his water bottle and starts running even faster

Orc 1 is panting, his face is pale; we can hear him think: 'I love my job. Fresh air, good comrades, satisfying wage, and a bodacious fight now and then, but sometimes… it’s just nasty.'

Orc 2 passes him. Orc 1 thinks: 'I wonder, why he is still peppy?'

Orc 1 stumbles and falls. Other Orcs stumble, too. It’s a huge pile of angry and confused orcs. Orc 2 helps Orc 1.

Orc 1 to Orc 2: 'Middle Earth is big, eh? The unknown country, hehe.'

Orc 2:  'Yeah, didn’t expect that. The week has been exhausting. It was fun, though…'

Orc 1 (looks at him hopefully): 'Yeah, yeah… very arduous, like the mountains in front of us, ha ha…'

Orc 2 stretches. You can see huge scars one his arms and in his face.

Orc 1: 'I saw you kill that elf. Very skillfully. Doesn’t your wound hurt like hell?'

Orc 2: 'Oh, it’s fine!'

Orc 2 wants to go, but the others are still standing or sitting on the ground.

Orc 2: 'What’s that? What are you waiting for?'

Orc 3: 'We need a break.'

Orcs agree with Orc 3. Orc 2 nods.

Orc 2: 'I break your bones, if you persist on your break. Get up, you lame rabbits!'

Orcs start complaining loudly: 'It’s too dark, too cold, we are weary. You are cruel! We need a break, need a break!!'

Orc 2 (cries): 'Don’t be so fussy! Don’t be a fool! You had your break three hours ago. Let’s go!'

Orcs: 'Oh, no! No, no, no!'

Orc 2: 'Don’t worry, it’s only five more hours to go! (points at mountaintop)'

Orcs gasp. They bluster.

Orc 1: 'Look at us, we are spent! Some of us are wounded and hurt.'

Orc 2: 'Scratches and stitches! It’s the perfect marching time! The weather is fine! The moon guides us.'

Suddenly it starts raining. The orcs sigh.

Orc 1: 'Tell us! Why are you always so full of energy?'

Orcs: 'Yeah, tell us!'

Orc 2: 'I just had a drink! (takes out a water bottle) Running Water! Here, try!'

Orc 1 drinks; he raises his fists and jumps into the air like Asterix.: 'My tongue is burning like it touched Mount Doom! I feel so warm inside! And… '

He starts running cheerfully in little circles around Orc 2. 'It’s like I’ve got two more legs!'

Orc 2: 'It’s Ugluk’s Running Water!'

Orcs: 'Ugluk, the long-distance runner? The unbelievably fast Wind of Mordor? Is that his secret?!'

Orc 1: 'Not a secret! Ugluk’s Running Water!'

Orc 2: 'I could run all night!'

Orcs are amazed. They run to Orc 1, demanding Ugluk’s Running Water. They drink and feel well. The rain evaporates on their hot skin. They run ridiculously fast. Their eyes glow red. They sound like a fast-train.



Orc 4 on Mountain Top to Orc 5, they are guards. They see something long and steamy running speedily to the mountaintop.

Orc 4: 'Is that…'

Orc 5: '…a dragon?!'

Orcs pass them.

Voice Over (Orc 1): 'Not a dragon, Ugluk’s Running Water!'

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