Tolkien Anniversary 2006

Tolkien Anniversary 2006 - "A Long Expected Party"
The 114. birthday of J. R. R. Tolkien

Esteeming the oeuvre of one of the greatest authors of the 20. century, famous linguist J.R.R. Tolkien the Hungarian Tolkien Society is setting up a large feast on his 114th birthday. It takes place on the 8 January 2006 in Budapest, Hungary.
We await everyone loving Tolkien's books, the films "The Lord of the Rings" or who overall honours the works about Middle Earth.

Guidelines are:

On the main stage

- Aldarion and Erendis cast by the theatrical group of the Hungarian Tolkien Society
- Songs and dances, introducing to dances
- Humorous scenes
- Award ceremonies for the Tolkien Award, the visual application and the cometitions during the day
- Ted Nasmith well- known Tolkien illustrator and graphic artist
- Standing toast on Tolkien's 114th birthday
- Irish music concert, dances and tales with ensemble Bran

Classic lectures

- Résume of the whole mitology
- Valar and maiar
- Elves
- Dwarves
- Men
- Hobbits
- Orcs
- Other dark creatures

Creative activities and games

- Classes connected to calligraphy (Tengwar, Certh, Sarati)
- Creative activities, paintwork, comics, magic board, etc.
- Smart and logic games and competitions

Translators' Symposium

- terminology
- the new Hungarian translation of The Hobbit
- Round- table discussion

Language courses

- Four times for each Quenya and Sindarin

Sales and exhibitions

- Sale of books, CD- s, DVD- s connected to Tolkien
- Exhibition of different swords, jewels and other relics from the films

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