Creative Autumn Meeting 2023

Join the Hungarian Tolkienites in Seregélyes for the long weekend of our "The Golden Age of Nargothrond" Creative Autumn Meeting from 20 October to 23 October. This is a perfect opportunity to meet many of us, and engage in creative and fun activities together.


(Click here for the Hungarian article about the event.)


The Creative Autumn Meeting (“CAM” or “KÖMT” in Hungarian) is usually attended by about a hundred people, mostly members of our community but also a few newcomers—including foreign guests, as traditionally this is our most international event. Since 2008 we have received guests from Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, and we hope to welcome many more!

Date: 20 October 2023 (Friday) – 23 October 2023 (Monday)
The event starts in the evening of Friday, but workshops will be held only on Saturday and Sunday, and no activities are planned for Monday.

Place: Seregélyesi Baptista Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola (Primary School of Seregélyes), H-8111 Seregélyes, Fő út 201.

Facebook event >>>


Participation fee for the whole event: 12 000 HUF

Day ticket: 6 500 HUF

Some workshops have extra costs, you can find information about these at the end of this article.



The event will take place in the school building in Seregélyes (Google Maps: The travel from Budapest to the venue is about 1 hour by car and about 2 hours by bus/train. (If you use public transport, we are happy to help you with the planning and the transfer.) Basic accommodation is provided in the classrooms of the school, so you need your own sleeping bag—bringing your own mattress is useful as well, but we can also provide some.


Microwave, electric kettle and toaster will be available for those who would prefer to prepare their own food.

You will be able to order in advance some of the meals, details coming soon!


The main programme on Saturday and Sunday (21-22 October) will consist of various workshops: Tolkienite or creative or sporty or anything the participants know about and want to share. The basic language of the programme is Hungarian, but we will try to help with translation to English wherever it is possible.

Check out the workshop schedule at the end of this article and make your choices >>>

Besides the workshops, there will be various evening activities: board games, ball, karaoke, show night and party. Details coming soon!


Nargothrond, F.A. 465: Finrod Felagund set out on his perilous journey with Beren, and left his realm to Orodreth, the Unprepared. Luckily there are two capable and powerful guests hanging around, Celegorm and Curufin, the sons of Fëanor. What will be the fate of the realm? Will the famous Celegorm win the beautiful Lúthien?


This article will be regularly updated with more details about workshops and other important information. But in case you are planning to join us (or have any questions), please contact the organisers' team (at komt[at]tolkien[dot]hu) or Metaflora (at metaflora[at]tolkien[dot]hu).


What is it like to visit the CAM as a foreigner? Read about the experience of our Slovak guests here >>>


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And here is the most important bit of the programme! You should choose in advance the workshops you would like to join, and in time, as many of them has a strict limit for the maximum number of participants. Inform the organisers about your choice as soon as possible.

21 October (Saturday)

morning 9:00-12:00

21 October (Saturday)

afternoon 14:00-17:00

21 October (Saturday)

evening 19:00-21:00

22 October (Sunday)

morning 9:00-12:00

22 October (Sunday)

afternoon 14:00-17:00

Leathercraft #1 Leathercraft #2   Leathercraft #3 Leathercraft #4
Wargame Figure Painting Wargame Figure Painting   Wargame Figure Painting Wargame Figure Painting
Knot Your Own Macrame Bag Knitting on a Frame Knitting on a Frame Make a Wooden Stool Knitting on a Frame
Concept Art #1 Stenciling on Fabric Cablecoiling Concept Art #2 Stenciling on Fabric
Irish Céilí Dances Historical Dances Bollywood-Bhangra Hobbit-Door-Wreath-Making Jamming
Functional Training The Tiger and Crane within You #1 Lindy Hop for Beginners Lindy Hop for Beginners The Tiger and Crane within You #2
Rangers’ „Workshop”   Eye Gymnastics  Strangers LARP Meditation
      Gondor Calls -.-- --- ..- #1 Gondor Calls -.-- --- ..- #2

You can find a short description for each workshop in the list below. A longer description in Hungarian is available in the primary article about the workshops >>>

The numbers #1 etc. signify workshops which have more than one consecutive sessions which cannot be choosen separately: if you join one of them, you should join all (two or four).

To keep the basic event participation fee low and just, there is an extra fee for the participants of some creative workshops. This information is also provided in the list below. In the case of consecutive sessions, the extra fee is calculated for participation on all of the sessions.

Bollywood-Bhangra: Unisex dance with Indian music and lot of jumping: cardio, culture, fun!

Cablecoiling: Yes, this is actually about how to pack long cables.

CarveHour: Carve your own piece of wooden cutlery in 4 consecutive sessions. Extra fee: 9500 HUF

Concept Art: How to design a character or a scene for a game or movie, how to tell a story of something or someone only by drawing? Extra fee: 1000 HUF

Eye Gymnastics: Improve your sight and relax your eyes!

Functional Training: You need watherproof clothing, good shoes, enough enthusiasm and strength, and 2 tennis balls.

Gondor Calls -.-- --- ..-: Learn the Morse alphabet and build your own telegraph to use it! 2 consecutive sessions, and you need a micro USB cable. Extra fee: 1000 HUF

Historical Dances: Renaissance and Baroque dances.

Hobbit-Door-Wreath-Making: Make a Hobbit Door for your front door! The wreath will be about 16-18 cm in diameter. Extra fee: 3500 HUF

Irish Céilí Dances: Group dances suitable for both Hobbits and Elves. You do not need any previous experience, just a soft shoe and lot of energy.

Jamming: Let's play with a song together! Bring your own instruments, if you have any, but some will be available on spot.

Knitting on a Frame: Knitting a cap, scarf etc. without a knitting needle.

Knot Your Own Macrame Bag: The making of this shoulder bag may need a bit of extra time after the workshop. You can choose the colour in advance. Extra fee: 3500 HUF

Leathercraft: The making of a general fantasy style belt bag while drinking tea inf 4 consecutive sessions. Extra fee: 3000 HUF

Lindy Hop for Beginners: Afro-American dance for pairs from the late 1920s; in 2 consecutive sessions.

Make a Wooden Stool: Choose your level: easy:; recommended:; advanced: Extra fee: 1800 HUF

Meditation: Meditation techniques in practice. Why to meditate at all? And what is The Answer for Everything?

Rangers' Workshop: A hike of cca. 10 km.

Stenciling on Fabric: Bring your own cotton T-shirt to paint on! Extra fee: 500 HUF

Strangers LARP: Abstract, non-verbal LARP about migration, integration, cultural differences.

The Tiger and Crane within You: Southern Chinese Kung Fu in 2 consecutive sessions.

Wargame Figure Painting: You have a fancy boardgame figure that you always wanted to paint, but did not have patience, paint, or other accessories to do so? Maybe you are playing with a trpg and have a cool figure to paint? One session is enough to learn the techniques, but painting a more detailed figure can take 2-3 sessions. Extra fee: 1500 HUF

Wooden jewelry: Do you want to try carving for just one or two sessions and go home with something small and nice? In 1 session you can make a basic ring or medallion, in 2 sessions you can give it style! Extra fee: 3000 HUF


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