You can apply to participate in the Quendi category of the 11th International Tolkien Mailing Competition by submitting this form.

If you wish to join the competition as a team, you have to agree on two things with your teammates beforehand: the name and the contact person for the team. We will send the tasks, the results and all competition communication to the registered e-mail address of the contact person
Team competition will happen only if we have at least five registered teams. If we have to cancel the team competition, you will have the choice of competing alone as an individual or stepping down from the competition. Each team member has to register separately!

Artwork submitted by teams is credited as teamwork by default, but you can add the name of the actual author/artist for each piece.

(Please confirm your permission in the following checkbox, as it is a compulsory field of this form. The Hungarian text translates to: I consent to the handling of my data and accept the terms of the Privacy Statement.)
Fill in this page of the form only if you want the Hungarian Tolkien Society to keep you informed on its international events in the fields of your interest (for example the Tolkien Mailing Competition of next year).



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