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Beküldve - - - Tolkien Levelező Verseny
  • Betűméret: Nagyobb Kisebb
  • 1780 megjelenés
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In the 3rd round of the Quendi competition, one of the creative tasks was the writing of 3 limericks. The people and places referred to had to be from Tolkien's works of fiction, and at least one of them from the first three ages of Middle-earth. We were amazed to find that Treebeard became the only character starring in more than one limerick!


Alagos Calen:

Pippin strolls in Hobbiton
with his pipe-weed ration,
looking at the sky makes smoke circles
and he doesn't think about obstacles,
so he’ll fall before the destination.
In the Old Forest Goldberry walks singing
when suddenly it starts raining,
thunder covers her song with loud noise
"the sky hides my wrong notes with poise"
the River-Daughter smiles thinking.
Treebeard was looking for beside Forest of Fangorn
a young rose 90 years early born,
after five weeks of searching he remembered
that the young plant many years earlier was transferred,
finally with 3 years of late he found her and she stung him with a thorn.


Daeron Vardamir:

Tevildo, Prince of Cats, in his tower
on every mortal man use his Power
but the Elven lady arrive at the target
and her play he will don't forget
crashes the tower and Tevildo Is over!
In Angband, seeing his leg, Morgoth
think and think, he can't forgot
Fingolfin is on the ground
it's the final of the round,
but he hewed his foot with the last shot!
In Nargothrond, the king of the elves
quarrel with the Belegost' dwarves;
they crave the silmaril gem
and say that it's a work of them:
thingol is slain by the dwarves selves!



There once was a hobbit of the Shire
Who’s plan for his life did backfire
He traveled with Thorin
To lands quite foreign
And returned with a ring he acquired.
There once was a man from Gondor
Who carried a silver tipped horn
He met his end
Defending his friends
And from the White Tower was seen nevermore.
There once was a lady from Rivendell
To Hope she gave her heart well
They plighted their troth
And she made him a cloth
Now happily in Gondor they did dwell.



In Aman was born the horse Nahar,
The splendid and fine steed of Valar.
He was Orome’s mount
On whom he could count
On all of his journeys near and far.
Windfola, a warhorse from Rohan
Carried to battlefield the one
Who did Witch King slay
And therefore he may
Be called a fine aide to that woman.
Stybba, the Rohanian pony
Was not lazy or phony.
She never tarried
And Merry she carried
Better than big horses any.



The Shire is really proud of Frodo
He was really a kind of go-go
Took his precious heirloom
To the fiery Mount Doom
And Sauron was dead as the dodo.
In Angband there lived Ancalagon
He was a black and fearsome dragon
But just don’t be afraid
He met Eärendil’s blade
So just drink some mead from a flagon!
In Fangorn Forest there lived Treebeard
He was not born just simply appeared
It was quite an anguish
To hear him speak Entish
A language one might find a bit weird.



Lúthien was indeed a fair lady
Beren stalked from a place shady
cats and dogs around
their story's profound
I will read even when I'm eighty
Sam loves his dear Rosie Cotton
and every time he tries to unbutton
Mr. Frodo comes to mind
so he has to rewind
though Baggins won't be forgotten
In the Woodland realm lived the Elvenking
whose life many of us happily sing
but if we saw them straight
his eyes would clearly state
no songs for him unless we have a ring
Címkék quendi vers


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