Fordítás: Lómelanta - Blind Guardian


Cuileo telca lá séyane
Nírion ulundessen nainanere
Ilya estel vanwa, lá atacarima sina
Vanwe ar váner ente.

Álye pusta quettalyar
Ya istan (carnente alacénala elve ilye)
Yana meril
Oar-coluvalyes inyello
Á mapaitas ar istuvan anwave
I cala ya ónere yalúmesse
Vanwa ná tennoio

Ve nyérie maiwi lindanente
"(Elve) vanwe i núre huinessen
ya i hísen lumbo tulune
(nainie íre vanesse vanwa
á tule ar yéta i menel)
rúcimale unduláve i falas
caurenen mí alastaina"

Quildesse tulles vinya cauresse
Rambe turne
Ar minya yár ulle
Íre i enwina aran qualle

Quildesse tulle ar ahyane ilye elve
Quildesse tulle ar ahyane ilye elve
Ilfirin nóre unducaita unqualesse

"Mana anda nyérelva
Nauva i lómisse
Alasse ar vanesse
Lá entuluvar
Á quete namárie nainienna ar nyérenna
Mal i tie anda ar sarda quí"
Nan i quildesse hlarnen i quettar
"Quetuvalve vanda
Eruo essenen
Tenn' Ambarmetta
Vanda sina lá pustaima"

Er merin ista yanen
Polin hlare ómar inyesse sine

Noldoron umbar tulle hare

I quettar etemenda arano
quanta ahanen caltane órilvar
quanta tevienen ar quanta ancasseave
ramanelve atacarmen

"Vala erye, ya quentelye
San vandalya quétina ná anúqua
(Mal) mirimave tullelye ar
mirimave lelyuvalye
(sie) ullume intya i formenya súre
ullume pela aldamolya meldolyanna"

"Ai, inye aryon i alta héruo!
Áva intya eryesse,
I cotumonyasse,
Erye ná nostalelya ar
Mettasse quíta veuya ni

Ata yasse ilya yestane sina

No sign of life did flicker
In floods of tears she cried
"All hope's lost it can't be undone
They're wasted and gone"

"Save me your speeches
I know (They blinded us all)
What you want
You will take it away from me
Take it and I know for sure
The light she once brought in
Is gone forevermore"

Like sorrowful seaguls they sang
"(We're) lost in the deep shades
The misty cloud brought
(A wailing when beauty was gone
Come take a look at the sky)
Monstrous it covered the shore
Fearful into the unknown"
Quietly it crept in new horror
Insanity reigned
And spilled the first blood
When the old king was slain

Quietly crept in and changed us all
Quietly crept in and changed us all
Immortal land lies down in agony

"How long shall we
Mourn in the dark
the bliss and the beauty
Will not return
Say farewell to sadness and grief
Though long and hard the road may be"
But even in silence I heard the words
"An oath we shall swear
By the name of the one
Until the world's end
It can't be broken"

Just wondering how
I can still hear these voices inside

The doom of the Noldor drew near

The words of a banished king
"I swear revenge"
Filled with anger aflamed our hearts
Full of hate full of pride
We screamed for revenge


"Vala he is that's what you said
Then your oath's been sworn in vain
(But) freely you came and
You freely shall depart
(So) never trust the northern winds
Never turn your back on friends"

"Oh I'm heir of the high lord!"
"You better don't trust him"
The enemy of mine
Isn't he of your kind and
Finally you may follow me
He said


Back to where it all began

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