Fordítás: Nosse - Blind Guardian


More alqua
Nostina tana lómisse
I híse ailin
Harya vinya aran
Harya vinya aran
Sie mana polilve care
Sarda ar nwalca
Ma alasse firuva naicesse?
Ma cala enortuva?

Rembaina inye morniesse
Er rahtean i elenin
Vanyean quildesse
Lehtanyes ilya ala ni

Ai, árasse
Nimbuvan i lanca nassion
Ai, árasse
Arcuvan i lancasse nassion
Ai, árasse
Numbuvan i lanca nassion

Álve lelya
I nórinnar aireo
Méran ista manan
Ma vartuvan inye

I quildesse
Ná lú quete (ar)
Saca terwe furussen
Máre furur
Sangeavilta melme marta ná

Mana polilve care as-cuilelvar
Íre yestas ilya.

Á tule, á hilya inye,
Ar cenuvalye
Manen nauvas
Íre ilya naicele vanwa.

Álve lelya
Mal lá estel ná aselve
Álve ná verye
Mal etelerror elve alcarinquanen
Ma lá istalye
Lú sina elven
Á tule, tyale i líre qualmeo
I nolmemma
Líme anwa
Á tyale i líre qualmeo

Vanwa inye henduryo undumesse
Lá polin use
Itya naice sahtane rambe
Núra mí
Caure ar maitie
Móli ar etelerror
Melmenyanen ar cotumonyainen
Inya ná i faica seldo

A black swan
Is born that night
The misty pond
(Has) got a new king
Got a new king
So what can we do
With our lives
When it all begins
It's hard and
It's cruel
Will grace die in pain?
Will light ever rise again?

I'm trapped in darkness
Still I reach out for the stars
I'm moving in silence
I leave it all far behind

Oh at dawn
I'll face the edge of thorns
Oh at dawn
I'll pray at the edge of thorns
Oh at dawn
I'll face the edge of thorns

Let us march on
To the fields of sacrifice
(I'm) wondering why
I'll carry on
Will I betray myself
To rise

In the silence
It's time to explain
Search for truth in lies
Useful lies
Needless love's damned

What can we do with our lives
When it all begins


Come follow me
And you will see
How it will be
When all the pain is gone away


Let us march on
Though there's no hope at our side
Let us be brave
Though by glory we are denied
Don't you think
It's time for us
To bring to an end
Come play the song of death
The wisdom in us both
Will make it
Special guaranteed
Play the song of death

I'm lost in the depths of his eyes
I can't flee
Inner pain caused insanity
It's deep within
The fear and the hunger
Enslaved and denied
By my love and my enemies
I'm the illgotten son


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